Naomi Wolf- Dangerous Writing

Author Naomi Wolf gave a keynote address at Columbus State Community College today as part of an ongoing seminar. Though not currently a student, writer, or seminar-goer, I felt drawn to it after reading a brief bio of this bright and inspiring author.

The address was given as part of a writing conference, but it was largely focused on advocacy. From mild surprise at hearing the C-word to a notebook full of excellent tips, it was engaging and well worth my time.

The most interesting point was the need to find your voice before you can become a writer who will affect any kind of change, and the fact that it will not be easy; in fact, it may be risky or even dangerous. From blogging all the way back to editing my high school yearbook, I’ve always thought of writing as a way to please, inspire and entertain. I’ve always considered what family would think about my writing, how it fits into my perceived sense of self, etc. Imagine… me, rocking the boat!

So. The things I care about: the earth, health, nonviolence and civil disobedience only when necessary, kindness, equality, ending hunger, anti-corporation in favor of a village life dynamic, mindfulness of how we affect others, rejecting society’s proposed categories and requirements for different types of people, reconnecting members of society to one another, limiting or eliminating technology, rejecting society’s views altogether in favor of positive social change, leading those who would seek to enact social change so they do not act on anger, damage their causes, or alienate others (Jesus, Gandhi, Dr. King). Now you have that to look forward to.