Life is beautiful. As children we grasp this fully but cannot always express it fully. It seems as adults we often try to express it, but no longer grasp it. The ironic thing about this world, this life, is that some part of each of us wants a a simple, peaceful, quiet life, to be surrounded by those we love, and to have our basic needs met. We all want to be happy. But we get in our own way when we seek it outside of ourselves. The vast expanse of the human mind has so much potential. If only we could all, collectively, drop what we are doing and return to a basic, peace and quiet lifestyle. Nobody would be hungry, struggling, or working their days away to support themselves and others. While this cannot happen, I believe we can truly improve if the message is spread amongst the world’s good people to simply live and love, to return to a simpler time, to care for our earth and its people while we depend on one another. This is my contribution.


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